François Premier

We will begin our journey today by rising to the second floor of the museum. This is where the polished articulation of thought processes begins to transform from spirituality. We climb towards “Diana” once a weather vane for Madison Square Garden in Manhattan. We will spend more time with her later. For now we will follow the stairs to the right up the staircase as we pass the Arms and Armor section of the museum on our left. We see the entrance to our destination on the right.

Other paintings dare not encroach. The portrait of François Premier marks the beginning of the appreciation of art in French society. He represents a true renaissance man. A well rounded king who can dispense with crown and scepter in favor of items which reveal his true character. In his right hand he holds gloves which are often seen in portraits of merchants at the time. The gloves symbolize a gentleman and his ability to trade with other countries. In his left hand he holds a sword to signify his ability to fight, but it overshadowed by his splendid clothing and appreciation for refinement. This shows us that cleverness and the value of culture can triumph against brutality.  François’ collection has become the center of the Louvre. One of his greatest accomplishments was convincing the archetype Leonardo Di Vinci to make his new home in France. Leonardo brought with him a cultural movement to spread across Paris. He also brought many famous works of art including the Mona Lisa which has become the main attraction of the Louvre.


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