The Emerging Self

We are now walking towards Thomas Eakins‘ art in the American Art section of the Museum. There is a long hallway with a new Edward Hopper painting at the entrance. Why they chose Ed to be a representation of American art is unknown. It is a recent addition and I have a sneaking suspicion the donor paid a large sum of money for the spot. Or perhaps the museum ran out of space. I like Ed but I’m not a fan of this particular piece, although it is beginning to grow on me; most likely implanting subconscious feelings which slowly convince me that there is a deeper, more significant meaning behind this particular work. This feeling is probably a misguided but it is working slowly but surely.

 Moving on we see a statue at the end of the hall. It beckons us like a light tower on a stormy night, which would make it pleasant, but as we walk towards it we start to get a sinking feeling. We have been deceived. All along the sides of us while we walk down the hallway are beautiful Italian drawings that seem filled with angst. What are they doing here in the American hallway? It looks like there is no outlet as we get closer to the statue of mourning. We start to feel closed in.
Our breathing quickens.
There is an outlet on the left.
We are now in the beginning of American history and we see the first rendering of William Penn that will later be on City Hall. We also see a painting of Ben Franklin and his famous lightning experiment. Next to this room is another room which takes us to the point of the history loop which is present day America where we see the woven piece that is the reason for our journey. It’s simple and plain. We normally walk past it without a second thought, but today we read the description. It makes sense. Everything is in more focus and clarity.
American Art Hallway

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