PoP Art and Yves Klein

I was at a dinner party recently and we began talking about the Pop Art exhibit and I said that it felt empty to me compared with the rest of the museum. They agreed and said something which I had never thought about before.

Pop Art has a foundation of sardonic sarcasm.

This puts everything into perspective for me and makes me appreciate Pop Art in general a little bit more. As well as giving an even deeper appreciation for the artists who seemed to get through this phase of sardonic sarcasm by not making it their core, but leaving tiny hints on the surface.
Yves Klein has always been one of my favorite artists and I particularly enjoy how there are many dimensions that are shown through the reflections and shadows displayed on the glass. His friend Arman, who is inside the case has a hint of a smirk from a joke in which he and Yves not doubt share, because it is most of the audience who are trapped behind dimensional minds.

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