Rainy Day Let’s Go to the Museum

In here we have:

Piet Mondrian Museum Collection

About Piet Mondrian

Part of the Arensberg Collection

Between 1913 and 1950 the couple collected the works of Modern artists such as Jean Metzinger,[3] Marcel Duchamp,[1] Charles Sheeler, Walter Pach, Beatrice Wood,[1] and Elmer Ernest Southard, as well as Pre-Columbian art; they were assisted by dealer Earl L. Stendahl. The Arensbergs became particularly close with Duchamp, who lived in their apartment during the summer of 1915 while they vacationed at their summer home in Pomfret, Connecticut. They would become the artist’s lifelong patrons and form the largest, most significant collection of his work.[4] When Duchamp’s idea to despatch his urinal to the first show of the Society of Independent Artists was rejected, both he and Arensberg felt obliged to resign from the society.[5]



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