Monthly Archives: January 2017

Cashier Diary #4

I had 210 transactions on my register alone today. My teammate, Sir Ellsworth, well surpassed this total. Combined we had over 500 transactions. 500 interactions with other human beings.

A few weeks ago I met a man from New Castle who came into Philadelphia for the MLA Conference (Modern Language Association.)

He told me how he planned to stop by the Rosenbach on his way out. The Rosenbach is an extraordinary find. They have rare books that are desired by many. It is also very unassuming.

As he was leaving, and we both waved goodbye; I was suddenly struck with struck with the realization that we will probably never meet again.

Every interaction has infinite possibilities. Make sure you make it the best one possible.

Cashier Diary #2

I meet a lot of people each day. Around 250, on average, per day. They come from all over the world. Although I am aware that this is a limited sample, it does give me some insight into people as a whole. I have small interactions with around 50 of the 250 people I meet. 80% of them are friendly and engaging. 15% are indifferent. 5% are hostile.

An Attempt to Articulate The Thoughts of The Woman on The Elliptical At The Gym

“Turn your head and look at me! I know you can see me through the corner of your eye as you spray disinfectant on that paper towel. Let me know you acknowledge me by turning your head.”

This is what my body is saying. I have no control over it. My back straightens without my consent. I have no control over the accentuated movements of my thighs and buttocks while I move up and down. By the time I have control, I go along with it.

I’m not even attracted to him. His body is too short and stubby. He looks like a hobbit. I want a man who is at least six feet tall. A man who can wrap me up with his body. Like a comfortable blanket. But this does not matter to my body because it craves the acknowledgment. My body does not rationalize. My body does not think about the long term plans. It does not think about what our kids would look like or the success of our future.

All of these people surround me and non of them see me.