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Dinner For Two Less Than $5 (per plate) #1

Meyer Lemon Marinated Chicken w/ Haricot Verts and House Baked Biscuit


Meyer Lemon Marinated Chicken from Whole Foods $7.80/2 breasts only used one breast = $1.95 per person

Amazing Biscuits Baked at Whole Foods $2/2 biscuits = $1 per person

Frozen Organic Haricots Verts from Whole Foods $3 per package only used half package/2 = $1.50/2 = .75 per person

Vermont Butter from Whole Foods= $3.60/ 20 = .18 per person

Salt & Pepper ~ .03

Grand Total

$ 3.91

Time In Kitchen: 10 minutes max

Microwave Green Beans

Put Chicken on the Baking sheet, put baking sheet in the oven, leave the kitchen.

Come back 17 minutes later to put green beans in the microwave.

Chicken takes longest~ 20 minutes

Green Beans ~ 2.5 minutes in microwave, fold in butter, add salt & pepper